"It's the way we complement each other as a team that allows us to work smart, decisively, and creatively. We realize you may have the best idea in the world, but bringing it to life requires the combination of relentless passion and vision for the final product. We fight to capture every frame, and we'll do (just about) anything to get there."


Leclerc Brothers Chalkboard

About Us

The Leclerc Brothers have been a film-making team since they were kids, which is exactly why they understand what it takes to build a highly collaborative/creative team. Even at the ages of 17 and 15, they were recruiting and directing national film talent three times their age to produce award-winning work, and that was just the beginning.

Since then, their work has helped to launch one of the Midwest's most creative jewels in the film-making business. From scripting to casting, direction to cinematography, and sound to final edit, the Leclerc Brothers' compliment and complete one another's skill sets like no other in the business.

Chris Leclerc

Co-director, Cinematographer.

I think we're all quite convinced Chris is more inspired by light and shadows than anyone else on the planet. Yes, that would mean we never settle for the average visuals.

Philip Leclerc

Director, Editor.

As long as he has his freshly roasted coffee there's no stopping Phil from making sure we're capturing the content and telling the story just as it's meant to be. Make that a triple shot please. (Btw, he's in love with the production manager.)

Tryg Jacobson

Unfortunately his resume was too large to fit on this site, so we'll keep it simple. World class branding guru that keeps the team focused on doing just the right projects. Without Tryg we'd be lost shooting wedding videos somewhere in timbuktu!

Zak DeVries

Composer, Sound Designer.

When he's not designing epic film scores in his bat cave, you'll find Zak in the back alley banging on trash cans. I think you foley recording guys understand.

Esther Leclerc

Production Manager.

Don't let the blond hair fool you. Let's just say Esther keeps the not so creative things in check - helping the guy's creative juices flow strong. She also happens to be smitten with the Director.


From their start in 2005 the Leclerc Brothers have been refining their skills all over the world. Whether they're working with nationally renown brands or filming stunning aerial cinematography over the sacred ruins of Machu Pichu; the Leclerc's continually push to produce award winning work in everything they do.



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Phone: (920) 912-2253
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