Best Hoppers for Paintball

Investing in the right and best equipment can break or make you while in the paintball field. You should note that hoppers are different, and there is, therefore, the necessity of spending time scrutinizing and analyzing all laid options.


1. Proto Paintball Primo Hopper

This is a good choice, mostly when you need reasonable and affordable priced options. It will thus work for you, especially when you have wanted to minimize your budget. Their most significant benefit is the part that it will be functioning well through funneling and sorting the paintballs down in the process of shooting. You will end up getting a consistent vertical feed. Besides, it is boosting a capacity that is reasonably capable of handling 200 paintballs.


2. DYE LT-R Paintball Electronic Hopper

It is the best electronic paintball in the market. It is making use of DYE loader patented technology. The technology is known for working through a combination of high functionality with excellent and reliability feed rates. Besides, it is able to fire around 30 balls or even more in each second. It requires 3AA batteries for it to be powered. When cells are around, they will be able to give a shot count of around 80 000 balls. Additionally, it has been boasting as a result of its less maintenance.


paintball 3. Virtue Spire Paintball Electronic Hopper

It is among the most appropriate paintball hoppers. The hopper is reliable in the current market as it is continually earning feedback and positive reviews from the users. Besides, it has a loader that has an overall design. As a result, it is working well for both intermediate and beginners paintball players. The sleek and compact paintball hopper has the capability of holding 200 paintballs. The other distinct advantage is its natural process in disassembling.


4. Empire Halo Too Paintball Hopper

It is the best hopper if you are using hoppers for the first time. The main reason is that it is easier to use it as it does not have any complications. Besides, you can acquire the equipment at a very affordable price. At long last, you will end up experiencing a lot of fun while using it.


5. Dye Precision Rotor Paintball Hopper

It is a hopper worth consider for its quality services. It is among the most lightweight paintballs present in the market. Besides, it is capable of holding 200 rounds. Moreover, it has a low-profile and unique design. The design is making it possible for the hopper to end up pushing balls down straight when operating in a short distance.



You now have best hoppers for paintball with you. They are all equal, and you should, therefore, make a choice today on the equipment to buy.